A graphic novel on the Venus Transit – in 15 languages !

A Transit of Venus will occur on June 6th 2012 – that is, Venus will come exactly between the Earth and the Sun. We hope you and your friends get to see it – the next transit occurs in 105 years !

We have produced a graphic novel of the story behind the Venus Transit and are translating it in many languages. This is for public, free distribution under a Creative Commons license.

Please do download it, email it around, print copies for friends, paste it on your wall, host it on your website, etc.

English version – low res
English version – high res

Marathi version – low res
Marathi version – high res

Hindi version – low res
Hindi version – hi res

Tamil version – low res
Tamil version – hi res

Gujarati version – low res
Gujarati version – hi res

Kannada version – low res
Kannada version – hi res

Bengali version – low res
Bengali version – hi res

Telugu version – low res
Telugu version – hi res

Persian version – low res
Persian version – hi res

French version – low res
French version – hi res

Spanish version – low res
Spanish version – hi res

Italian version – low res
Italian version – hi res

German version – low res
German version – hi res

Dutch version – low res
Dutch version – hi res

Macedonian version – low res
Macedonian version – hi res

English (USA times) – low res
English (USA times) – hi res

You can also find these files at Astrocast. If you are hosting these files, please let us know your URL !

Text : Niruj Mohan Ramanujam
Illustration : Reshma Barve
Marathi translation : Mihir Arjunwadkar
Hindi translation : Divya Oberoi
Tamil translation : Parthasarathy
Gujarati translation : Girjaprasad Kantharia
Bengali translation : Sushan Konar
Kannada translation : Geetha Kydala Ganesha
Telugu translation : N. Nagaraju
Persian translation : Maryam Arabsalmani
Italian translation : Silvia Verdolini
Spanish translation : Breezy Flaquer
French translation : Jean-Christophe Mauduit and Marie Mauduit
German translation : Manfred Rudolf
Dutch translation : Iris Nijman and Wouter Schrier
Macedonian translation : Alexander Shulevski

and others in the pipeline …

Producing these novels is/was a huge effort and is due to the time and effort of a number of people. First, the awesome illustrator, Reshma Barve. Second, the translators, who have been volunteering their time. Typography was done with a lot of help from Vishal Gajjar, Breezy Flaquer, Dibyendu Karmakar and Sambit Roychoudhury. In addition, a big thank you to N.C.R.A., Jayaram Chengalur, Saikia, B.S. Shylaja, Navnirmiti, Samir Dhurde, Mihir and many many more …

Hope you enjoy the book !

Credits for Title Photo : F. Espenak